Friday, April 6, 2007

Beauties of Budapest & Hungary

Hello and welcome on the BudapestClubs Blog for warmup of your visit to this wonderful city!

Budapest and Hungary is quite famous for women. That's right: a busy night in the Clubs of Budapest will definitely blow your mind. Why? Look:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Budapest Night Flight

What about a night flight over Budapest?

If you really wanna see the Beautiful Budapest, you need to go out at night. Climbing up to Citadella on the Gellert Hill, taking a walk by the Danube, sitting in a limo riding around the City or going for a night ride in a boat on the Danube are all worth a try.

-- The Limo Ride

-- The Castle with the Chain Bridge - view from top of the Gellert Hill

-- The Chain Bridge with the Castle in the background

-- Stand on Budapest - aerial view of the city

Budapest with its wonderful old buidings, many bridges over the Danube and all the lights on is just breathtaking. And what if you could see that all from hundreds of meters from above? Well, believe me: AWESOME. I have seen that Budapest many times but I can hardly wait the next opportunity - I am addicted...

-- the National Theatre on the bank of the Danube

-- Corvinus University of Budapest at Szabadsag Bridge - building for Economic Sciences

-- House Gerbeaud at the end of Vaci utca, on Vorosmarty Square

-- Corvinus University Budapest

-- view over Budapest from the night flight

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Budapest Clubs - Moulin Rouge

Hi Mates,
I have some pics on the latest party in Moulin Rouge here in Budapest.
Enjoy your time on Budapest Clubs & Budapest Nightlife portal!

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife

Budapest Clubs & Nightlife
See You soon on!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drop me a mail!


As you have seen in my previous posts and also on the top right, there are many-many reason (female ones...) to come to Budapest, often refered as the Paris of Eastern-Europe.

So, if you wanna know more about the city, if you have topics you'd like to read (and watch) about or if you want me to suggest a real flash weekend for you, just drop me a mail and let's discuss!

Don't hesitate, contact me on!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Map of my favourite places


I tried to compose a viewable and useful map of Budapest Inner City showing my favourite clubs and bars.

Different signs show:

Purple Dot: Places available at winter-time: not all of them are open in summer as you can find several open-air clubs that are much more pleasant under the warm starry sky - right?!

Green Dot: Places available only in summer: all of them operate in summer ONLY, but what parties at that time...!!! WOW

Red Dot: I signed the Liszt Ferenc Square (Square = Ter in Hunagrian) where you will find dozens of cafés on the same square. Working both in winter and in summer. Of course open-air seats available in summer only, but you either need to go there pretty early or need to book your seats in advance to get one. ALWAYS full of with people and AMAZING Girls! Situated in the heart of the city, almost all clubs available on foot either...

Blue Dot: One of the most breathtaking cafés of Budapest - the Spoon Café & Lounge. Placed on a pretty big boat Spoon has a wonderful view onto the Chain Bridge and the Budavar Caste, both of them are just BEAUTIFUL at night with their lights on. Not the cheapest, but once is worth a try!